4-Step HubSpot Sales Pro + Apollo.io Onboarding & Training Program

Expert Onboarding & Training Tailored to Your Sales Team's Success


Focused on How Sales Get Done.

Unlock the full potential of your sales force with our comprehensive 4-Step HubSpot Sales Pro + Apollo.io Onboarding & Training Program. Designed to streamline your sales process and maximize efficiency, our program blends the powerful tools of HubSpot with the expansive prospecting capabilities of Apollo.io.

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Prospecting Data Source.

Apollo.io is a data-first engagement platform that integrates with your sales stack to enable teams to operationalize growth strategies. It provides a foundation for salespeople to make insightful, data-backed decisions and offers a robust database for prospecting with advanced search capabilities.

HubSpot Sales Pro

Sales Automation.

HubSpot Sales Pro is an advanced suite of sales tools within HubSpot's CRM platform designed to help sales teams get deeper insights into prospects, automate tasks, and close more deals with less work. It offers features such as email tracking, meeting scheduling, and a customizable deals pipeline.

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From Prospect to Customer.

Apollo.io's expansive database and lead generation capabilities complement HubSpot Sales Pro's advanced CRM tools by providing a seamless integration that enhances lead management and engagement.

Together, they create a powerful synergy, allowing sales teams to source high-quality leads with Apollo.io and then nurture them through the sales pipeline using HubSpot's sophisticated tracking and automation features. This combination ensures a smooth transition from prospecting to closing, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in the sales process.


Take the first step towards transforming your sales process. 

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4-Step Sales Ops Program.

Our 4-Step HubSpot Sales Pro + Apollo.io Onboarding & Training Program is designed to empower your sales team with a comprehensive setup and integration of HubSpot and Apollo.io, complete with personalized training and support.


Meticulously configure your HubSpot environment, ensuring a seamless integration of your branding and essential analytics for a robust sales foundation.


Tailored advice for optimal sales structure, including deal pipeline management and essential sales reports, all integrated with HubSpot's top-tier prospecting tools.


Leverage Apollo's vast prospect database with saved filters and initiate powerful sales sequences to engage leads effectively.


With everything set, it's time to launch your streamlined, powerful sales machine.


4-Step Sales Ops Program Benefits.


Enhanced lead management


Efficient deal-closing processes.


Personalized, scalable sales training.


4-Step Sales Ops Program Features.

1-Hour Work Sessions

Engage in focused, productive sessions each week to consistently progress your sales team's proficiency and strategy implementation.

Session Recordings

Access to recorded sessions along with transcriptions and summaries to review and reinforce learning at your own pace.

Shared Miro Board

Access a shared Miro Board as part of the program as a interactive, visual collaboration and a enhanced strategizing experience.

HubSpot Guide Creator

Benefit from custom training materials created with HubSpot's Guide Creator, providing you with step-by-step instructions tailored to your business needs.

Unlimited Requests

Never feel restricted with our unlimited request policy, and keep up to four active requests each month, ensuring continuous improvement and support.

Solution Screen Recordings

Receive detailed recordings explaining solutions of your requests, making complex tasks easier to understand and implement.


Take the first step towards transforming your sales process. 

Schedule your discovery call with us and begin the journey to sales excellence.


What Customers Say About Tactic.

“Tactic is an excellent partner and problem solver. They work with you and your team to help solve your challenges by providing strategies and a roadmap to get there. I highly recommend working with Tactic.”

“Tactic is knowledgeable, detail oriented, and highly responsive. They are exceptional collaborators who seamlessly integrates with your team, addresses challenges with a wealth of experience that pave the way for success.”

“Tactic built our entire CRM from scratch with all the bells and whistles HubSpot has to offer. From start to finish, their team has demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. ”

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We are passionate about your success with HubSpot. As a seasoned HubSpot Partner Solutions Partner, we offer expertly curated training sessions and craft bespoke workflows and processes directly within your HubSpot portal. Our commitment to excellence resonates with our clients. Don't just take our word for it; explore our glowing testimonials in the Solutions Directory Profile!


4-Step Sales Ops Program Topics Covered.

Users & Teams Setup

Tracking & Analytics

Logo & Branding

Custom Properties

Essential Reports

Email Tracking

Email Signatures

Meeting Tools

Sales Pipelines

Prospecting Tools

Leads Object



Sales Playbook

ABM Setup

Product Library

Quote Templates

LinkedIn Integration


List Segmentation

Guide Creator

Saved Filters


Mobile App


Invest & Grow.

Our 4-Step HubSpot Sales Pro + Apollo.io Onboarding & Training Program is tailored to run over a period of 4, 8 or 12 weeks, depending on the size and needs of your sales team. The goal is to equip your team with the knowledge and tools needed for efficient sales funnel management and prospecting, ensuring you are well-positioned to maximize sales opportunities and drive revenue growth. This program is a deep dive into the functionalities of both platforms, ensuring your sales processes are optimized for peak performance.

Invest in your team's success starting at $3000/mo. An investment that promises to redefine your sales process. Please note this fee is exclusive of HubSpot and Apollo subscription costs.


Need clarification?

Who is this program for?

Sales individuals and teams looking to enhance their CRM and lead generation capabilities, streamline their sales process, and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

How long does the program last?

The program duration is flexible, ranging from 4, 8, or 12 weeks, based on your team's size and needs.

What does the weekly 1-hour work session entail?

These sessions are dedicated to progressing your team's proficiency in HubSpot and Apollo.io, focusing on practical implementation and strategy development.

What are Unlimited Requests?

You can make as many requests as needed for guidance or assistance within the program's scope, with up to four active requests being handled each month.

What constitutes a 'Request' in the context of the program's services?

A 'Request' is when you need us to take action or provide a detailed explanation on a task, like creating a screen recording to demonstrate how to generate a specific report. It goes beyond asking a question, which can still be done via our usual communication channel at hello@usetactic.com. Only when you need a task performed or a complex process elucidated does it become a 'Request' within our service structure.

How quick is the response time to requests?

We guarantee a 24-hour response time to all your program-related queries, ensuring no momentum is lost. This may or not include a solution to your request as this depends on the nature of the request. 

What are Solution Screen Recordings?

These short videos that share our screen and explain solutions to your requests, simplifying complex tasks for better understanding and implementation.

How does the Shared Miro Board work?

The Shared Miro Board is a collaborative tool for us  to visually map and plan your sales strategy, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed. You and your team will be invited to your dedicated Miro board upon purchasing the program. 

How many individuals can participate in one program simultaneously?

While there is no strict limit to the number of participants in a single program, we recommend groups of no more than three individuals for optimal learning and interaction. This size ensures each member receives personalized attention and maximizes the program's success.

What is the cost of the program and how long does it typically last?

The program is priced at $3000 per month. The total duration varies as it is tailored to your team's size and the complexity of your sales process. Most customers gain confidence in their abilities after one month, while others opt for up to three months to fully integrate the learnings into their sales operations.

What options are available for continuing services after completing the program?

Upon completing our program, clients can opt into our Super Admin Service, which encompasses all aspects of the program except the weekly work sessions. This service offers unlimited requests, with plans starting at $250 a month for one active request, scaling up based on the number of active requests per month. Additionally, clients can purchase one-off work sessions whenever needed at $250 per session, ensuring continued support and expertise is just a step away.


Take the first step towards transforming your sales process. 

Schedule your discovery call with us and begin the journey to sales excellence.